Fog by Leo Kamenev - Glass Worktop Saver

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Fog by Leo Kamenev - Glass Worktop Saver

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  • Glass Placemat - 28 x 20cm 
  • Glass Worktop Saver - 39 x 28.5cm 
  • Laptray 
  • Four Glass Placemats 
This Glass Chopping Board is of Fog by Leo Kamenev. The glass worktop saver is made from toughened heat resistant glass with non-slip feet.

This design is also available as a Laptray.

Available in:
28 x 20cm Glass Placemat (or small glass chopping board)
39 x 28.5cm Glass Worktop Saver
32.5 x 44cm Laptray - with soft cushion base and brown frame.

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